Two Months!!!

Wow does time fly – we can’t believe that Max is already two months old.  He has changed so much in the last couple weeks and is getting so big (weighing over 12 pounds)!  He is now very alert and loves exploring/checking out the world, which means the days of Mom and Dad sitting around staring at our baby boy are behind us.  Now it is up to us to entertain the little guy, which is extremely rewarding when we get cute little smiles and coo’s as payment.  He loves dancing around to music, exploring the house, and playtime with Mom and Dad (which typically involves reading books, making silly noises, singing, standing up, and just moving around in general).  He has also started to really like bath time, which wasn’t previously case. In other news, after previously losing all of the hair on top of his head (but not the sides), it has started to grow back so we can no longer call him George Costanza.  Pictures from the past couple weeks are below – enjoy!!


IMG_0051_2 IMG_0053_2 IMG_0054_2 IMG_0055_2 IMG_0056_2 IMG_0058_2 IMG_0061_2 IMG_0063_2 IMG_0065_2 IMG_0066_2 IMG_0068_2

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